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Type of Role: InvestmentsRisk

Experience Level: Analyst/Associate

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Salary: $89K - $114K

AIMCo manages one of Canada’s largest public pools of funds with assets under management totaling $168.3 billion as of year-end 2021. AIMCo manages the assets on behalf of 375,000 members of provincial public retirement programs, endowments, government funds, and other public accounts, including the $20.4 billion Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund. Details below.


The Senior Private Investments Analyst, Private Investments, Middle Office at AIMCo is a key contributor to managing the currency exposure risk and portfolio cash flow of illiquid asset class portfolios. Working closely with Portfolio Managers, this role plays a crucial part in ensuring alignment with client and benchmark mandates, contributing directly to client value add and overall investment performance. The position involves executing FX trades, monitoring cash flows, participating in the valuation process, and providing accurate data for various reports, including UNPRI.


Manage Currency Exposure and Hedge Program:

  • Strong working understanding of FX market and currency hedging.
  • Monitor value changes in external funds and direct investments.
  • Adjust exposure by executing necessary FX trades to align with client mandates.
  • Ensure proper management of investment currency risk exposure to client benchmarks.

Monitor Portfolio Cash Flows:

  • Track capital calls, expense payments, dividends, and currency hedge inflow/outflows.
  • Have the authority to request and distribute up to CAD$500 million between clients and investment pools.
  • Maintain reasonable cash balance for each private investment pool.

Enter and Approve FX Trades:

  • Enter and approve FX trades up to $25 million to manage currency risk exposure.
  • Ensure adherence to client benchmark and investment mandates.

Participate in Year-End Valuation Process:

  • Update financial models and collaborate with external valuation firms.
  • Respond to information requests and conduct model walkthroughs.
  • Ensure accurate valuations reflecting fair market value for AIMCo’s investments.

Provide Investment and Portfolio Data:

  • Offer accurate and timely investment and portfolio data for reporting functions.
  • Contribute to client reports, UNPRI, CEM, and Board Reports.

Ongoing Investment Monitoring and Support:

  • Conduct quarterly reviews of investments, both direct and externally managed funds.
  • Create amortization schedules for pool debt investments.
  • Monitor investment and pool performance, providing performance attribution and risk analysis.
  • Support investment decisions and overall portfolio management.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Charles Rivers system understanding considered an asset.
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or related field.
  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role, preferably in asset management or financial services.
  • Strong understanding of currency exposure management, FX trades, and portfolio cash flow.
  • Knowledge of valuation processes, financial modeling, and reporting requirements.
  • Familiarity with UNPRI and other responsible investment principles.
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to handle up to $25 million FX trades and manage significant cash distributions.
  • Understanding of illiquid asset class direct investments and externally managed funds.

Next Steps

We are excited to meet you. Please submit your resume or CV to be considered for this opportunity. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis and we will be in touch with any questions.

Final candidates will be asked to undergo a security screening, which includes a credit bureau and a criminal record investigation, the results of which must be acceptable to AIMCo.