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Type of Role: Investments

Experience Level: Analyst/Associate

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Salary: $65K - $85K

MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) is a leading investment management firm which invests exclusively on behalf of MIT to support its educational and research mission. We currently manage over $25 billion in assets. We invest primarily in partnership with external investment managers. We invest all over the world across a variety of strategies including long equity stock picking, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, and natural resources.

Position Overview:

The Investment Analyst role at the MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) is open to graduating college seniors and recent graduates. Analysts will work closely with our investment team, the Global Investment Staff (GIS), to source, evaluate, and allocate capital to a diverse array of opportunities around the world. We invest primarily in partnership with external investment managers, which means our role extends to evaluating both the people who run these firms and the companies and other assets they own.

Why might you want to join our team?

• You will have broad exposure to different investment styles and assets. We have a generalist staffing model with no asset class silos that will expose Analysts to investments across a variety of approaches and geographies. We have partners on 6 different continents (none in Antarctica… yet!) and invest in strategies ranging from seed stage venture capital to distressed debt. Analysts will attend manager meetings, travel, participate in investment committee discussions, and help evaluate new opportunities.

• You will build a strong foundation in investing and business analysis. We strive to maintain a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Analysts will learn due diligence techniques, how to build financial models, and the fundamentals of portfolio management. Projects could include things like researching a public stock portfolio or assessing a dozen startups in a venture fund. We believe in learning through doing: Analysts are trained by and work with senior investment staff, including our president.

• You will learn from some of the world’s best investors and entrepreneurs. We have the great privilege of partnering with many of the best investors globally. Some lead well-established, prestigious firms, while others lead scrappy emerging funds. Analysts will spend time with our partners and learn from their expertise. There will be opportunities to evaluate direct investments in companies by meeting with startup founders and experienced CEOs, as well as to visit assets that can range from a construction site in Australia to a drone factory in California to a gaming studio in Europe.

• You will be supporting a great non-profit cause. We draw both pride and purpose from supporting MIT’s mission. Investment gains generated by the endowment further MIT’s ability to make positive change globally. MITIMCo’s returns directly contribute to groundbreaking research ranging from immunology to nuclear fusion, as well as support one of the most generous financial aid programs in higher education.

• You will have fun. We take investing very seriously, but not ourselves. Our culture is open and team-oriented, and our office is relaxed and casual. We have lives outside of work, and recognize that you’ll have one, too.

• We will support successful Analysts in their future career endeavors. In addition to providing mentorship and skills-building, we will support Analysts in their future professional and educational endeavors, whether that’s business or law school, a direct investing role at a hedge fund, or an operational position at a tech company. Our work is broad, and the skills Analysts will develop are transferrable to many industries.

What are the prerequisites for the job?

This role is an ideal position for graduating college seniors. There are no area-of-study requirements; our team has included philosophy and biology majors, and even a former professional musician. We believe exceptionality comes in many forms: if you love learning, are curious about investing, and want to contribute to an important cause, we encourage you to apply.

Key requirements include:

• Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
• Advanced analytical and quantitative capabilities
• Demonstrated interest in financial markets
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Excel
• Effective interpersonal skills and desire to work with a team
• Willingness to travel domestically and internationally

What to expect?

Your responsibilities will be diverse and include regular duties, such as monitoring a hedge fund’s stock holdings to track trends and assess risks, as well as ad hoc projects, such as mapping the investor landscape of a new market, like alternative energy. Analysts will build financial models, summarize key insights from meetings with our investment managers and conduct performance attribution studies, among other tasks. Analysts’ work will meaningfully inform investment decisions and serve as a foundation for a career in finance.